Harry Kope

Vice President


Husband, father, grandfather, dog's companion, positive communities advocate, BC ministry employee - Provincial Forest Pathologist, life-long student, home improvement aficionado. 

My family and I are recent transplants to the Oaklands community (5 years), after 20+ years in the View Royal (VR) community.  During our time there I volunteered on advisory committees to the VR town council, and was the president of the VR community association.  The most consistent message from these experiences was that residents often share a commonwealth of interests, and that communities are made up of people that are connected because services were designed to meet their needs.

I have wandered the world for an education learning from others in formal venues (B.Sc. - Uof Alberta, Edmonton: M.Sc. - Uof Adelaide, Australia: Ph.D. - Uof Laval, Quebec), but also equally importantly, in informal (non-institution) venues.

My family and I are involved with the settlement of new Canadian families from Syria.  Understanding their background and guiding them through the unfamiliar but necessary steps for personal autonomy has been very rewarding.  I play men's hockey, I read a wide range of literature, both fiction and non-fiction, and I appreciate the aesthetic characteristics of the Oaklands community.

As VP, Harry wants to live in a community that has a high level of engagement, that has fun, and that continues to ask itself "are the services the community needs being provided?” and β€œis the community well connected and involved in public life?β€œ