Dave Driedger



Career thumbnail: Public school teacher; Public librarian and manager; Retired since 2007.

Family: Married to Olga since 1965; four children; five grandchildren.

Education background/Credentials:

Diploma, Bethel Bible Institute, 1962; B. Ed Sec. UBC 1978; BC Licensed Real Estate Sales course, 1979; MLS (Library) UBC,1988.

Experience: 13 years in teaching (K-12), 27 years as a regional library branch librarian, manager, planner, and project coordinator (Thompson-Nicola Library System, and Vancouver Island Regional Library), interspersed with two years as a book wholesale repr., 14 months education leave, and several attempts at early retirement leading to part time sales, farmers market vending, and a happy temporary return to librarianship.

Focus on Oaklands Community Association:

The OCA addresses a range of important issues: making social connections, building a safe and affordable community, inter-generational activities, green spaces, and a variety of programs including farmers markets, community gardens, and hopefully even a library branch.

A number of factors led me to stand for a board position at OCA this year. My wife Olga and I found that the OCA gave us opportunities to connect to the Oaklands community when we moved here in 2015:

·         Kindergarten and out-of-school care for our grandson.

·         Monthly community suppers where we met people informally.

·         Volunteer opportunities: at the market for me, and after school care for Olga helping children sew Teddy Bears, and currently as classroom              reading volunteers at Oaklands Elementary

·         We ended up liking and respecting the OCA staff and volunteers that we met, and enjoyed becoming part of the community.

Now it's time for me to dream big dreams, while working within the community towards realistic goals, i.e. OCA NEEDS a larger community centre facility: define the needs, develop proposals, work towards a plan, and push to completion. My current role as Treasurer makes Capital Planning one of the responsibilities – is anyone interested in contributing?

Inspiration provided by quotes: a short course in the wisdom of others:

One of my favourites about community building is provided by Wendell Berry, an American poet. His ideas seem relevant to our experience in Oaklands.

community ... answers the needs, practical as well as social and spiritual, of its members – among them the need to need one another.”

This quote relates to OCA's impact on helping us feel a sense of community very quickly after our arrival. With the support of other members of our Oaklands community I hope the Board can continue to help define, develop and evolve a 'community' experience for residents in Oaklands