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Notification of Tree Removal from the City of Victoria

Please see below for correspondence from the City of Victoria regarding tree removals in Oaklands.

To Oaklands Community Association:

The purpose of this note is to advise your neighbourhood association about the upcoming removals of City trees in your area that are at the end of their healthy lifespan.

2017 Summer Tree Maintenance Program

This spring, 168 City trees were identified as either dead or in significant decline and require removal.

Biketoria - Saturday February 27, 1 - 4 pm


Community Meeting to Learn about Victoria’s Plan to Build Protected Bike Lanes

This March Victoria’s City Council will be considering the development of a series of protected bike lanes throughout the city.  The development of protected bike lanes will require removing either a vehicle parking lane or a vehicle travel lane.

The Haultain Commons

By Rainey Hopewell

Hello, Oaklandish neighbours. My name is Rainey Hopewell. I live with my partner, Margot Johnston, in the house tucked directly behind the Haultain Common, between Avebury & Asquith. This year, the Haultain Common will be nine years old. So surprisingly radical in its inception, the Haultain Common seems utterly common now.

City Council's growing interest in growing food on public land has piqued our curiosity to check in with ourselves about the Haultain Common, and reap the harvest of our learning about growing food on public land.