What's going on in Oaklands?

Travelling Out of School Care (Grades 2-5)

The Travelling OSC Program will provide children entering grades 2-5 with the opportunity to engage with the outdoors and their community. This program isn't housed in a room. It's housed in a forest, on a beach, in recreation centres and community celebrations. It's adventure and new learning opportunities every day after school.

Survey - Oaklands Community Association Community Gardens

In response to interest from community members, Oaklands Community Association is exploring options for establishing community gardens of various types on public lands within the Oaklands neighbourhood.

We envision these fitting within suitable park space. The short survey below can help your Parks Committee better understand the views of our community as we explore possibilities with the City of Victoria.

2016 Spring & Summer Activity Guide is here

Your Guide to Everything Oaklands in Spring & Summer 2016

This guide features Oaklands Community Association's programs, events, markets and community programming from April-September.  Call the centre at 250-370-9101 to register for progams.